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I Angela Herbert have been working as a voice coach/trainer for many years in Germany.

I am very experienced in bringing out the best in people at all levels.

Furthermore I am always updating my Voice Techniques in New York and London by doing so I am able to get most aquainted with the newest voice techniques.

My recent experience has involved working with managers, and senior executives from a wide range of business sectors. These include banking and financial, telecom, electronic services, legal, teacher etc.

I am also accredited in the state of Hessen from Hessischen Kultusministerium(Ministry of Culture and Education) as voice trainer for teachers and I also am accredted in other states of Germany such as Rheinland-Pfalz, Baveria etc.

In all case my focus is on helping the individual to develop greater confidence in order to enhance their communication.


Tranings and Workshops 100%Learning by doing

The participants will be able to learn in this workshop how to master and control nerves when speaking in public,they will develop more confidence and persuasive vocal style while using body language effectively on their daily buisinesses and will know how to build rapport and maintain the motivation while having phone conference. They will also be able to learn language technique to ensure that their key message is understood. By using the voice creatively they will be earning a maximum impact in their talks and listeners

What we offer
Present with confidence
Communicate more effectively
Enhance your personal impact
Presentation skill and public speaking
Communication skill
Personal Vocal Impact
Body Language
Job interview techniques
Interview skills
Powerfull Presentation
Effektive Presentation
Commercial Correpondence
Communication with foreigner Client for a better business understanding


About the voice

The voice is a very complex organ in our body but one of the most facinating one.

A quality voice is an important component of the speaker's professional competence. Voice fitness makes the basis of speech communication. A good voice in not only a presupposition of understandability and communicativeness of verbal communication, it also augurs well for the effectiveness of comunication, since fatigue as a result for voice problems leads to decrease in the frequency and intensity of communication.

And vice versa, a good vocal quality helps to asssure full understandability of the ideas, announcements and intentions the speaker expresses, does not distract the listeners' attention, does not tire them by their constant guessing the unintelligible words in the communication and does not disturb the mutual contacts .

To master the sound aspect of verbal communication means, however , a good speech technique, including breath,technique,the technique of the basic voice formation together with flawless articulation and balance ratio of resonances.

The disturbing factors of the vocal performance include various degrees of hoarseness, a husky or faltering voice, jumping of the voice(sound failures in speech), a weak voice, a breaking voice, a voice with constantly disproportionate loudness,etc.The given phenomena usually signalize a temporary or constant interference with the voice function. All sound changes of the voice performance, caused either by a disease of a vocal organ or by incorrect function of the phonic, respiratory or articulating organs are classified as voice disorders in my conception.



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